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1. Description: Ester gum is a food-grade ingredient made from gum rosin esterified with glycerin. The product has the characteristics of low odour and taste with no impurity and foreign matter.


2. Specifications:


Standard Value

Ash Content %


Acid Value (mgKOH/g)


Softening Point (By Ring & Ball Method) ()


Color(By Fe-Co Method)


Lead mg/kg




Heavy Metalsmg/kg

≤ 10


3. Applications: It is primarily used as basic material of chewing gum and bubble gum, and as an emulsion stabilizer for essence and beverage.


4. Packaging and Supply: in cardboard drums with net weight 200Kg, 240Kg, 250Kg and also 27Kg and in cartons or bags of 25 Kg.

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