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1. Description: A food additive polymerized by vinyl acetate and acetic acid. A transparent, viscous liquid, colorless to light yellow. It is tenacious and plastic without any odor. It can not tint or age in the sunlight or heat, and soften at about 30 . It is soluble in alcohol, propyl alcohol and benzene, unsolvable in water or fat. 


2. Specification:


Standard Value

Lead (mg / kg)


Arsenic (mg / kg)


Mercury (mg / kg)

≤ 0.5

Cadmium (mg / kg)

≤ 1

Free acid  %

≤ 0.05

Residual monomer (mg / kg)

≤ 5

Loss on drying  %

≤ 1

Average molecular weight

≥ 2 000


3. Applications: Basic raw material for chewing gum and bubble gum; fruit coating agents (it can be prevented the evaporation of water and retained freshness).


4. Package and Supply: in bags, 12.5Kg or 20Kg net each.


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